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VTECC offers a poster printing service upon request at the cost of $12 per poster. Want VTECC to print a poster for you? Please refer to the following guidelines for preparing your poster and to schedule plotting and pick-up times.

To submit a poster for printing:
1. Contact Cassandra Groen (cgroen@vt.edu) to schedule a time for your poster to be printed. Please notify us that you would like your poster 1 week in advance from the expected receive date to allow for scheduling and plotting!

2. Make your poster using Microsoft PowerPoint. Size your poster slide in PowerPoint to be size 36" x 48" (standard poster size) or smaller.

3. Proofread your poster. VTECC is not responsible for posters that contain incorrect information or spelling and grammar errors.

4. Save your poster in two formats: PDF (.pdf) and PowerPoint (.pptx).

5. Email Cassandra or Brian both the PDF (.pdf) and PowerPoint (.pptx) versions of your poster. We do this to mitigate any issues during printing; if one format does not work, we will have another format to plot. You will receive a confirmation email that your request has been received and scheduled and will include an estimated time of completion.

6. Transfer $12 per poster from your sponsoring account into the VTECC printing account. (This account number will be included within your confirmation email.)

To receive your poster:
1. You will receive an email indicating that your poster has been plotted. The individual who plotted the poster will schedule a pick-up time and location with you.

2. Pick-up your poster.

If you have any questions regarding the poster printing, please email Cassandra Groen (cgroen@vt.edu) or the VTECC directors (vtecc@vt.edu).
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Standard: 36" x 48"
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ANSI E: 34" x 44"
For more information about changing slide sizes in Microsoft PowerPoint, please visit their website.

It is important that you format your poster accordingly before it is created. Failure to size the poster before it is created may result in distorted figures, graphs, images, text boxes, or tables. This may impact the appearance of your poster. VTECC is NOT responsible for resizing posters or correcting other visible errors at the time of printing.

Last Updated: 8/17/2015